Accessible trauma-informed care training for women with disabilities and stakeholders

A province-level five-day training on accessible trauma management and counseling for women with disabilities and stakeholders has been completed in Dhangadhi.

Twenty-four women from four districts of sudurpaschim  province namely Kailali, Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura and Achham participated in the training. Out of Twenty-four, six   women with disability were participated in the training.

Representatives from the local government, civil societies organizations representatives, other stakeholders, consultants, police officers working in the Women’s Cell participated in the training.

This training is organized with the aim of managing the trauma of women affected by violence and providing them with accessible counseling.

The participants were given detailed information about the trauma, the tension within themselves, how to manage the trauma, physical exercise, meditation along with presentations, and methods such as counseling were adopted in the training.

Participants in the training shared their stories and their experiences of trauma. Most of the participants shared their personal stress and trauma. During the training, the participants expressed  that they had an opportunity to learn that each person has their own story, pain hidden inside them and that it also causes a lot of trauma. The training was facilitated by psychologist Kanchan Rawat.