Awareness posters for disability-inclusive COVID-19 response published

a picture showing people with disability in the road

Representation of Persons with Disabilities walking in a beautiful scenery.

Nepal Disabled Women Association has prepared an awareness poster for disability-inclusive COVID-19 response. This poster has been prepared to make the COVID response more disability-inclusive at a time when the corona epidemic is multiplying in the world, and its impact is still being felt in Nepal.

A total of four posters are prepared that provides information regarding – providing information to people with disability in an accessible way, self-initiation of persons with disabilities, focusing on health and safety of people with disabilities, and the role of state and social organizations for a more disability-inclusive pandemic response.

The information in the poster is written in very simple language and also adequate pictures are included to the information clearly so that the poster can be understood by all people including people with learning disabilities, people with psychosocial disabilities, people with intellectual disability and autistic people.

“This poster has been prepared to draw the attention of stakeholders to understand the need of persons with disabilities and design the activities in a disability-inclusive way,” said Tika Dahal, president of the National Association of Women with Disabilities. Similarly, Mena Poudel, general secretary of the association, said that she was confident that it would be now easier for the concerned bodies to understand and act accordingly to make the corona response inclusive because of the poster.

The Nepal Disabled Women’s Association (NWWA) believes that these posters will play a role in making all the activities work related to the corona response disability-inclusive in the current situation.

These posters are prepared in collaboration with CBM.

These posters can be downloaded in PDF or Accessible Word Format from our resource page.