Interaction with media

Tika dahal delivering objective of the program

Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA discussed with the media the diverse issues of women with disabilities. NDWA shared the learning and experience during lobbying and other work with the governments, local levels, and other stakeholders among the journalists. Tika Dahal, chairperson of the NDWA, urged that persons with disabilities have to endure many discrimination and violence in society, but they have also demonstrated their ability and ability to highlight such issues through the media.

Access to justice for women with disabilities, challenges to get services from all government agencies including hospitals, lack of access to judicial committees at the local level and municipalities, women with disabilities are treated as a burden by the family, they are not trusted regardless of their ability or skills, women with disabilities are not included in the 33 percent of women guaranteed by the state. She said that problems such as non-fulfillment of international commitments made by the government, lack of effective implementation of the Act on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, lack of experts in the field of disability, etc.

27 people including journalists participated in the program. The program was organized in collaboration with CBM Global Disability Inclusion.