Marked 32nd  IDPD

Mass rally heading towards bhrikutimandap from bhadrakali

Mass rally organized on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On the occasion of the 32nd International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a mass rally was organized in Kathmandu on 3rd December. Minister for Women, Children, and Senior Citizens Surendra Raj Acharya started the rally from Bhadrakali Kathmandu.

NDWA participated a rally with banner

The mass rally organized jointly by the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens and the National Federation of the Disabled -Nepal started from Bhrikutimandap and passed through Shahidgate, Ratnapark, and reached Bhrikutimandap. The Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA participated in the public awareness rally with the banner.

There was significant participation of organizations working in the field of disability rights in the rally. In addition, international partner organizations also participated in the rally. Nepal Army and Nepal Police participated in the rally with their band. The theme of this year’s 32nd Disability Day was “ United in Action to Rescue and Achieve the SDGs For, With and By Persons with Disabilities “.