NDWA handed over Tin Mahale of SRHR act to Parliamentarians

Chair person of NDWA handed over tin hahale to the president of RPP

Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA handed over the tin mahale (three columns) of the Safer Motherhood and Reproductive Health Rights Act to the Parliamentarians on 5 July 2024.
Tin mahale of the Safer Motherhood and Reproductive Health Rights Act revised from the perspectives of women with disabilities was handed over on Friday, June 21, 2024, to members of parliament, including the President of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, Rajendra Lingden, at the office of the parliamentary party in Singh Darwar.

During the meeting, President Lingden pledged that the party will suggest amending the bill once it is tabled in the legislative parliament.
He noted that if lawmakers reach an agreement during a house discussion, suggestions can be included in the bill. Five parliamentarians of the RPP, including President Lingden, were presented at the meeting.

In the review, it has been mentioned that issues such as disability-inclusive and accessible services, accessible disability-friendly and girl-friendly services, and information should be included in the law