Orientation for gender-based violence against women and children with disabilities

A Three-day orientation training for the one-stop crisis management center, health workers and representatives of the local government regarding the prevention of gender-based violence against women and children with disabilities has been completed. The orientation training, which started from 11-13th July, was conducted at Hotel Valley View, Surkhet.

On the first day of the orientation training discussion was about the definitions and types of disability, the legal provisions related to disability, and the findings from the study about the one-stop crisis management system were made public.

Similarly, on the second day, there was a discussion on the issue of case management disaggregated data, disability friendly and accessible service for women with disabilities, respectable environment of service provider, legal provisions against sexual violence, the status of action to ensure access to justice.

On the last day of training, participants knew that  how services provided by the one-stop crisis management center be made inclusive of disabled-friendly and accessible.