Orientation for network members

Making the net to understand the strength of network

During the sixteen days of activism (25 November to 10 December), the Nepal disabled women Association (NDWA) organized an orientation program for network members on 1st December 2023.

During the program member of the networks shared the experience that they are facing discrimination and violence within their family and the community. As well as they shared how they are responding to that kind of discrimination.

participants sitting round in the floor

They also discuss in what way after joining the network they feel empowered and capable of defense such kinds of misconceptions and behavior, however, before they are tolerating. Now the network members explain that such behavior is against the law and can be punishable.

In the program, members shared about the importance of the network and collective action against the violence against women with disabilities.

During the orientation, Chairperson Tika Dahal and Vice Chair President Meena Paudel shared their experience about the history of NDWA. There were 38 participants in the orientation.