Press Release : Continue Social Protection Allowance Distribution

NDWA Brochure

As per constitution’s mandate currently government structures with the federal, provincial and local levels are activity functional in all three levels. The Constitution of Nepal Clearly envision Nepal as an inclusive state and guarantee the right to equality for all its citizen that meant Nepal’s constitution is more proactive and friendly and right of women, person with disability, Dalit and marginalized groups are constitutionally ensured. Being a party country, Nepal has ratified and did several commitments in international treaties, conventions and resolutions to ensure the right of person with disability. As a result of national and international commitment toward right of Person with Disability (PWD), Act Relating to Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2075 is in implementation practices. Since a long time, Nepal government has been supporting to woman PWD and other marginalized groups through its regular social protection incentive program and national budget. The social protection incentive is initial option for target group including single women and PWD to solve their basic essential daily need of their whole family. The positive impact and great result of the social protection incentive for single women and PDW is contributed to reduce discrimination and several forms of violence against them.

This time, the world including Nepal is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown situation. The negative impacts of the pandemic has affected on daily life of people, goods and service, businesses and industries.  But in this critical situation, Home ministry of Nepal Government (department of civil registration) has done a surprise decision on 26 Chitra 2076 for effective implementation of Social Security regulation 2076. The department circulate a notice for discontinue the provision of social incentive that has been proving to single women (below that 60 years) and person with disability (blue card holder) since a long period.

Hence Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) is sad with the decision of civil registration department on “discontinue social security incentive for single women and person with disability”. The decision is against mandate of constitution, national and international commitment of marginalized groups right and dignity. Therefore NDWA has raised high objection against the decision and through this press release we humbly request to Nepal government political parties and all concern ministries, committees and stakeholders to rethink and make correction on this decision to continue as usual. And also request to ensure meaningful participation of concern target groups as well as address their voice during the social security related program and policy formulation, implementation and evaluation process. Our below mentioned advocacy program will be continue until the correction.

  • Press release through multimedia different
  • Memorandum Letter submission in concern ministry, committee and government office.
  • Social Media Campaign, Social pressure group
  • SMS, mobile telephone campaign to Hon. Minister, Parliament members and political parties leader to correction the decision.
  • Lastly, if government ignore our demand and avoid our voice we will be obligated to come in the street for sit-on, national-wide strike

Tika Dahal