Social Audit of NDWA

General secretary sharing the activities

The Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA has conducted a social audit of the organization for the year 2080.

Dev Kumari Parajuli, General Secretary of the organization, shared information about the advocacy, capacity building, and campaign done by the organization throughout the year, while Tulsa Thapa Magar, the administration and accounting assistant, presented the expenses and income of the organization.

In the social audit program, consultant Lubharaj Neupane assessed the overall program, and internal policies, five years strategic planning of the organization, including the good governance  and organizational development, and presented with suggestions and recommendations.

Bimal Paudel, project officer of CBM Global Disability Inclusion pointed out that in the days to come, this organization needs to analysis of the diversity within the disability and need to prioritize the focus area. He suggested that NDWA needs to redefine inclusion and focus on underrepresented groups, adopting different ways of advocacy strategies as well.

Representatives from the OPDs and CSOs suggested that NDWA should conduct evidence-based advocacy in the coming days.

Tika Dahal, chairperson of NDWA, said that the suggestions made during the social audit will be addressed by the organization.

Since 2054, Twenty-five thousand Women and girls with disability in thirty-four districts have benefited from the activities conducted through the NDWA.