Pre- consultation on shadow report of UNCRPD

Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA organized a pre-consultation program to discuss the process and preparation shadow report of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, UNCRPD from a feminist perspective on Saturday, 26 Nov, 2022 in Kathmandu.
The report to be presented by the government will not include the problems of people with disability, because they will prioritize the provisions, rules, laws, mechanisms and the right that provided by the constitution.
Advocate Kapil Aryal, the facilitator of the program, suggested that the shadow report prepared by the civil society should be strong as the report does not cover the real problems faced by the people with disability due to the lack of proper implementation of the laws. He said that in the report to be sent by the government, the legal provisions made by the government for persons with disabilities are only descriptive, so the civil society should analyze and cover such provisions and send them.
The participants in the discussion emphasized that the shadow report of the civil society should not miss the issues of accessibility of information, political participation of women with disabilities, inclusion of women with disabilities and so on.
The Nepal government is preparing to submit the periodic report of UNCRPD in the 2024, so that the Nepal Disabled Women Association has started discussions for the preparation of its shadow report on behalf of the civil society.

On the pre- consultation there were  more than Thirty participants from the DPOs and CSOs.