Discussion on UNCRPD shadow report from a feminist lens

Advocate Kapil Aryal giving his presentation

The Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) organized a consultation meeting with various stakeholders to discuss the UNCRPD shadow report. A total of 28 participants in the program from OPDs and CSOs attended the meeting. The main focus of the program was to prepare a shadow report that highlights issues from a feminist perspective and addresses the concerns of women and girls.

Participants sitting in roundtable and concentrating the presentation

Before the discussion began, advocate Mr. Kapil Aryal presented the UNRPD’s articles related to women and girls. He emphasized that these articles cover access to justice, reproductive health rights, rights of children with disabilities, and more.

During the program, participants raised concerns that OPDs working on diverse thematic issues for women with disabilities should come together and prepare the shadow report. Participants emphasized that OPDs also need to create pressure on the government to submit reports. After the submission of the state report, only CSOs can submit the shadow report to the UNCRPD committee

Tika Dahal, the chairperson of NDWA, stressed that the consultation aimed to prepare a shadow report that addresses the issues faced by women and girls with disabilities.