NDWA drew attention of the provincial assembly and the government

The delegation of NDWA has met with Speaker of Bagmati Provincial Assembly, Provincial Minister and MPs and discussed PWDs issues and concern. The delegation of the NDWA discussed with Bagmati Provincial Assembly Speaker Bhuwan Pathak and MPs of the Provincial Assembly.

NDWA has also submitted an attention letter containing the government’s planning program and budget questions to be raised by the parliamentarians in the provincial assembly. After receiving the attention letter, Speaker of Bagmati Provincial Assembly Mr. Bhuvan Pathak promised that as soon as a member of parliament Laxmi Ghimire who is women with disability comes to the Provincial Assembly, some of the physical structures of the Provincial Assembly have made accessible immediately and the structures to be built will also be disability-friendly.

He also informed that an automatic lift will be built to reach the rostrum of the Parliament for the PWDs. He said that he will try to discuss with the thematic committee of parliament about an act on people with disabilities which is drafting by the Bagmati Province Government. He said that he will discuss with the concerned minister as well. At the same time, the MPs promised to raise the issues of people with disabilities in the Parliament.

Similarly, the delegation of NDWA also discussed with the Social Development Minister of the province government, Ms. Kumari Moktan. In this process, Minister Moktan informed that she is going to make a policy and arrange a budget for people with disabilities in upcoming fiscal year. She said that allowance for the assistance of profound disabilities has been provided by including that provision within the policy.

She also promised to make safe house for survivors of violence even though the budget of the school has been cut. She said that the province government has include a homemaker program in policy and program and will make financial arrangements for people with disabilities.