NDWA took part in the World Social Forum

six panelist sitting in the chair

Nepal Disabled Women Association NDWA actively participated in the World Social Forum 2024 held in Kathmandu, Nepal. NDWA conducted an interaction on the situation and barriers Analysis to access to justice for women and girls with disabilities affected by GBV.  The panelist of interaction emphasized that the issue of women with disabilities affected by GBV should everyone’s.

They said that everyone should work together to create an environment where they can get the services provided by the state without any hindrance or barriers.  Karuna Parajuli from ICJ  said that it should be mandatory for women with disabilities to have a decision-making process with assistance.

Women’s rights activist Shyam Shah said, “How to engage people with disabilities in the development process so that every development structure is accessible.”

Sexual and gender minority rights activist Lakshmi Ghalan said that all issues should be made a common issue and move forward.

Indu Pant Ghimire of Intergenerational Feminist Forum said that since this is a complex issue, a lot of work needs to be done on intersectionality. Program officer  og CBM Globle Bimal Paudel emphasized that since many works on gender-based violence are reactive, it is necessary to work on systemic barriers for transformation. Dev Kumari Parajuli, General Secretary of NDWA said that  all opds and csos should work on disability inclusion.

Meena Paudel, vice president of the NDWA, presented a study conducted by the Nepal Disabled Women Association on access to justice for women and girls with disabilities. The program was facilitated by chairperson Tika Dahal. The World Social Forum was organized in Asia after Twenty years with the slogan that another world is possible. It was held earlier in 2004 in Mumbai, India.