Nepal disabled Women Association drew the attention of  FNJ  for disability-friendly information.

President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Bipul Pokhrel, has said that the federation is serious about the implementation of the Disability Friendly Communication Guidelines 2073. In the meeting with the delegation of Nepal Disabled Women Association, President Pokharel informed that during the training of the journalists, they are providing information about this guideline.

He also said that the media can play a vital role in socializing and sensitizing the issue of people and women with disability. He expressed his commitment that he will draw attention to Nepal Press Council and Election Commission during the election to control the wrong and misinformation and hate speech during the monitoring of election. He said that he is fully committed to the implementation of disability-friendly information and guidelines. He also informed that the website of Nepal Press Council has been made accessible.

Tika Dahal, President of Nepal disabled Women’s Association, while presenting the attention letter, emphasized on the implementation of disability-friendly communication guidelines made in collaboration with OPDs. She said that the role of media will be important in the participation of people with disability in elections, disability-friendly behavior and polling center.

Krishna Dahal of CIL Kathmandu emphasized that the society’s conceptual barrier towards people with disability is the most dangerous.

Rashmi Amatya, a board member of the Association, said that since deaf people are deprived of all information, the disability-friendly information and communication, media should arrange sign language interpreters.