Report of Rapid Assessment of Impact of COVID-19 published

zoom photo from program

The Nepal Disabled Women’s Association (NDWA) today organized a program and made public the analytical report of the recent rapid study on the effects of COVID-19 on women with disabilities.

The program was chaired by Ms. Shanta Bhattarai, Secretary of the National Commission for Women, and conducted by Ms. Tika Dahal, Chairperson of the organization.

Mr. Sagar Prasai, who was involved in preparing the data’s analytical report, presented the study’s findings.

After hearing about the findings, Ms. Shanta Bhattarai, Chairperson of the program, said that the report would help the National Women Commissions develop programs targeted at women with disabilities. She also presented the commitment from NWC that the agency would more actively work for the benefits of women with disabilities.

The other participants also praised the Nepal Disabled Women’s Association study and expressed that the study based on data would make the disability rights campaign more robust and effective.

The program, which was organized online through virtual media, was attended by 60 disability rights activists and stakeholders from across the country.

The report can be downloaded from the Resources page.