Workshop for preparation of UNCRPD shadow report

Participants sitting round table and dr Sunita maleku presenting points from the group discussion

Nepal Disabled Women  Association NDWA organized a consultation  with the OPDs members  for the preparation of the shadow report on the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UNCRPD.  Twenty-one participants participated in the consultation including NFDN and representatives from different OPDs.

All participants were divided into the groups and they discussed based on the different five articles on CRPD.

Participants sitting round table and discussing.

Five groups were divided and assigned different Articles like Article 6 Women with disability, article 12 Equal recognition before the law, Article 13 on the right to access to justice, Article 16 on freedom from exploitation, violence, and abuse and Article 17 on the protection of the integrity of the person.

From all groups, the question has been raised that people with disabilities have not been able to enjoy the services provided by these articles under the UNCRPD.

The participants stated that services for women with disabilities are not accessible and disability-friendly, very hard and complicated to access justice system, women and girls with disabilities are targeted to violence, exploitation, and harassment, but there is no support mechanism to address such actions and so on.

Groups also raised issues like Nepal’s civil movement, the government, and all service providers either ignoring or are unaware of the diversity and sensitivity within the disabilities and not providing and arranging services accordingly.