Advocacy meeting with National Planning Commission.

Submitted memorandum to the Hon. Member.

Nepal Disabled Women’s Association presented Memorandum, about rights of women with disabilities to Hon’ble Member Ms. Saloni Singh of National Planning Commission, including questions about overall person with disability as of human rights development in annual policy and scheme. Memorandum was submitted including demands to build machinery and budget allocation for justice and long-term restoration. After reading the demands, the chairman of the association Ms. Tika Dahal submitted papers to the honorable member. Understanding the document, the Hon. expressed that she was serious and responsible for the questions of women with disabilities and person with disabilities. She also committed for leadership and initiative regarding issues of person with Disabilities. On this occasion, representatives of organizations of person with Disabilities including the National Federation of Disabled, Nepal and expressed their views. There was a participation of a total of 26 people and the media also had a good presence.