NDWA’s values

  • Gender and social inclusion: NDWA will strictly follow the principles of equity and inclusion in organizational extension, function and implementation of its plan. NDWA will mainly focused work in the disability sector and also focusing on gender, marginalized groups, Dalit, Indigenous Children with disability (Children with disabilities), Women with disability (Women with disabilities), parents of Children with disabilities and Women with disabilities from remote areas. The program will be also mainly focused in remote areas and need target groups.
  • Non-Discrimination: NDWA believes in no any discrimination within Women with disabilities in working process.
  • Meaningful participation: NDWA advocate for Women with disabilities representation and participation of at least 33% in every sectors for equal rights.
  • Violence free society: NDWA will advocate against sexual harassment and gender-based violence on structural, domestic level and rape case in the society.
  • Transparency and accountability: NDWA will maintain transparency of its plan, budget and activities for all relevant sectors and people through appropriate means.
  • Political non-alignment: NDWA will work to achieve own set objectives and plan by maintaining nonalignment policy with any political parties.
  • Respect & acceptance of diversity: NDWA focused on high respect and acceptance of different diversity groups.